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Interim Ministries-ABC provided 17 scholarships totaling approximately $13,000 for the

pre-biennial training in Denver.  We are committed to the continuing education and professional development of our interim staff.


At times our interims face emergencies.  Unfortunately emergencies do not happen on schedule or they would not be emergencies.  Often times when crisis hits, our interims are out in the field, a long way from home, and they must make an unexpected trip back.  Sometimes, disaster strikes the temporary home or church of those on assignment.  When such emergencies hit and when possible, Interim Ministries-ABC lends a helping hand.  


Contributions to the Interim Ministries-ABC general fund help provide scholarship grants, supply emergencies funds and assist the program with its overall operational costs.


In March 2005, we established the Interim Ministries-ABC Endowment with the American Baptist Foundation.  Since its establishment the fund has increased by approximately 12% from contributions and interest.  The intention is for all the contributions and earnings of the endowment to remain unused for five years from the inception of the fund.  After five years, part or all of the annual earnings may be used to augment the operating costs of Interim Ministries-ABC. You may make a gift to the American Baptist Foundation for the Interim Ministries-ABC Endowment or you may include us in your will or other legacy gifts.


Even small gifts, over time, make a big difference.


Contributions are grateully accepted for the support of our work. You may support our work through contributing by credit card by clicking on the donate button below or to donate by check click here, fill out form and mail to:

Interim Ministries-ABC

PO Box 851

Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851

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