Ministers-at-Large Program Essentials

Commit to:
  • Telephone conversations to negotiate acceptance of an assignment.
  • Serve 4½ days per week.
  • Usually live residentially in furnished parsonage or apartment provided in full by the church.
  • Fulfill all normal pastoral functions as working time allows.
  • Schedules and functions being guided by local church board or committee.
  • Monthly narrative and expense reports to IM-ABC.
  • Sign IM-ABC and Ministers Council Code of Ethics.
  • Complete and sign a self-disclosure statement.
  • Monthly honorarium.
  • All professional vehicle cost reimbursement at current IRS mileage amounts.
  • Full expense reimbursement on initial and final trip to and from the assignment location-miles, meals, tolls, motel.
  • Take one week vacation for each three months of service.
  • Eligible for scholarship funds annually.
  • Continuing education and illness benefits.
  • Workers' Compensation coverage.
Application (Click and Submit)
Code of Ethics
Self Disclosure


In order to keep faith with the expectations of the congregations we serve, and to keep lines of accountability clear, we can only accept on-line applications from those persons who are listed in the Professional Registry of the American Baptist Churches USA, or who are in the process of seeking recognition of their ordination or license to preach by the American Baptist Churches of a Region or Association. To access a printable application (MS Word) click here.

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