Evaluation Form


Thank you for completing this evaluation procedure. Its purpose is to help Interim Pastor, church leaders, and the Interim Ministries-ABC Program staff to evaluate the services of the interim in your church. Such evaluation will help to discover areas of strength and weakness, enabling the leader to continue to grow in effectiveness as an interim minister.

Your signature is not required. A collation of these forms will be shared with the church's official board, the Interim Pastor, and the Interim Ministries-ABC Program Office.

I. How would you rate the Interim Pastor:

1. As a preacher?

2. In terms of pastoral ministry (calling, crisis work, etc.)?

3. As an administrator?

4. As a worship leader?

5. As a bible teacher/leader?

6. In terms of approachability and friendliness?

7. In terms of caring and compassion?

II. There are 5 tasks which we urge interim leaders and their churches to engage during the interim. Please review the task and rate the following 5 questions using the scale to the right. The leader was able to:

1. Help the church re-look at its history.
2. Help the church discover a new sense of its identity.
3. Help the church adjust to changes in lay leadership.
4. Help the church renew its relationship and participation with the denomination.
5. Help the church make commitments to a vision for future ministry.

III. Did you find the Interim Pastor:

IV. How adequately did the Interim Pastor prepare you or the coming new pastor?

V. In light of your experience with this interim pastor, would you want your church to utilize Interim Ministries-ABC leaders next time?


General Comments:

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