For Persons Responsible for Interim Pastor Housing

The church provides either a parsonage or an apartment for the interim pastor and spouse, caring for all related expenses including utilities. Sufficient furnishings are provided so that they will be comfortable during their stay.

A list of suggested furnishings is provided here. The church is expected to provide at least these basic items.

If the interim pastor has a special housing need, that need is negotiated with the church by the regional staff person on behalf of the Director of the IM-ABC Program. This may include special facilities (such as having few steps to climb), special furnishings (such as a certain kind of bed), or arrangements to have a pet in the home.

The church is requested to select a person, preferably a couple, who will be responsible for the housing arrangements and furnishings. If there is a housing need or problem, the interim will then know whom to contact.


Persons Responsible for Interim Housing

_____Clarify what housing is to be used:

_____The parsonage
_____A rented apartment (or house)

_____If the parsonage is to be used, arrange for:

_____Necessary repairs
_____Cleaning of walls, floors, rugs, etc.
_____All utilities being provided and paid for by the church

         (This includes heat, electricity, water, trash removal,

           cable TV, etc.)

_____If a rented apartment is to be provided, arrange for:

_____The selection and renting/leasing of the apartment

          (The renting/leasing should be done in the name of

          the church, not in the name of the interim pastor, for

          income tax reasons.)
_____The payment of the rent by the church treasurer
_____The church paying directly for utilities not covered by

          the rent

_____Secure the necessary furnishings for the parsonage or apartment so

          the family will be comfortable during their stay.

_____Telephone the interim pastor in advance to discuss the housing,

          furnishings, and special needs.

_____See that the furnishings are in place and the telephone connected

          by arrival time.

_____Consider a housewarming gift (such as, food for the cupboards,

          flowers, or a meal ready to be served) to welcome the interim and

          spouse to their temporary home.

_____Stay in touch throughout the assignment regarding the suitability of

          the housing and furnishings.

Housing for the Interim Pastor

In most cases a Minister-at-Large or Appointed Interim Pastor go to live in the community where assigned. It is important that, even though the stay on the field may be only for a few months, the persons be as comfortable as possible.

In order to help make their stay a happy and fulfilling experience and to help the church prepare for their coming, the following items are recommended as basic furnishings.
Living Room: Two or more comfortable easy chairs, sofa, lamps and table(s), clock, TV (cable, if essential for good reception), curtains, rugs, folding table and/or desk, pictures on the wall.
Bedroom: Comfortable and firm bed, (possibly twin beds), bedding sheets, pillows, pillow cases, bedside stand, lamp, mirrors, mattress cover, chest of drawers, rug(s).
Kitchen: Stove, refrigerator, table and chairs, coffee maker, microwave, can opener, tea kettle, mixer, toaster, iron, ironing board, sufficient dishes, silverware, plastic containers, pots and pans, paring knife, usual kitchen utensils (average size). Dish towels, dish cloths, dust pan, dust mop, broom, mop, buckets, soaps, floor waxer, floor wax, and cleaning materials such as Comet and rags. Clothes basket, clothes pins.
General: Vacuum cleaner, desk, towels, wash cloths, lamps for good reading, electric fan(s) for summer, coat hangers, telephone(s), wastebaskets, TV trays, adequate laundry facilities.

Please Note: Cooking patterns, kitchen supplies and other specific needs, are highly individual. It will be helpful to have a telephone conversation about any special needs they may have.

It is assumed that the house will be well heated, clean, and comfortable. It would be wise to see that all electrical appliances are in working order and to instruct the interim in use of appliances, furnace, etc. It is helpful if the church continues the same telephone number of the previous pastor so that people may easily make contact. It is also helpful to be clear about who is responsible for mowing the lawn, watering, etc., at the parsonage. It is highly recommended that there be food in the parsonage for a meal or two upon arrival.

It would be wise to select one person, or preferably a couple, who will serve as housing coordinators and contact persons for the interim pastor and spouse, both before they arrive and while they are with the church.

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